february 22, 2012

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Life begins at the end of our comfort zone.” ~ jim@thedailybuddha.com

new beginnings (instagram)

Today, I saw many wonderful people; kind and generous people. I let loose many sincere and hearty chuckles. Still, this morning as the birds sang, a warm, rain-kissed breeze wafting through the open window, my melancholy took root. It was only when I saw the croci that I fully understood its cause.

I dreamt of my beloved grandmother last night. Spring reminds me of her. It always has. Every spring I’ve been thankful to have her and thankful for the love of nature she instilled. This year I can’t see her. I can’t call her. I have to admire the croci without her now. And that’s okay. It’s just another change. But I will always think of her in spring and I will always miss her when I do.

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