july 17, 2016

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“The Universe has been sliding me love notes in the form of people.” ~ Unknown




You know how I’ve said time and again that when a quote and a photo coincide in a simpatico way it’s purely coincidental? Today is yet another perfect example. Terry Keys and Allen Smith had a standing dinner date every Sunday. I didn’t know this until Allen died. When I saw Terry at the memorial service yesterday I told him that if he ever needed a Sunday dinner date I’d be happy to stand in. I got a text about 7pm tonight saying his dance card had an opening. Of course, I was at the grocery when I got the text, so I made haste because I wasn’t about to miss a chance to talk with Terry. For two hours we sat at the dinner table laughing, nearly crying a few times, and catching up the way old friends are supposed to. I was then told the routine for future Sunday dinners. I’ll be prepared from now on. And it will be my honor.


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big trucks

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  1. Terry Louis Keys

    Remember: Phone call at 5 to assess the possibilities. Dinner at 6:30 or 7:00 — depending on sunshine, lack of sunshine, television encounters and general scheduling needs.

    : )


  2. Cheri

    I was befriended by both Allen and Terry years ago when I was visiting Lexington. It was a difficult period in my life and their kindnesses have never been forgotten. My heart was warmed to find your blog about Allen’s service last July. If you are still dining with Terry please extend a warm hug to him from me. I do not expect him to remember but I always will. (Mention an airline stewardess and muffins and see if it jogs a memory). Allen was a wonderful man and I miss him. We did not stay close but we were in occasional contact. But he lives in my heart forever. Thank-you for your blog.

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