“Within every seed is the promise of thousands of forests.” ~ Deepak Chopra


toys, valentines, and Grant (snapseed)


I may or may not have mentioned that I’m finally, after 12 years, remodeling my house. On the first day of demolition they found this cache of delights from a bygone era in a wall. At one time the house held five, perhaps seven, children; all boys. Mind you, it’s only 1400 square feet, so that’s seven kids and two adults in a pretty tight space. They made the most of the attic space, squirreling away toys, an old valentine from “Love, Debbie,” and a really small bracelet that belonged to “Grant.” I’ve kept these toys as well as the army men, old newspaper  clippings, a shoe, and a nativity scene from 1963 that were also found in the walls and attic. I want to find something creative for them so I can put them back into the house where they belong. As far as I’m concerned, those boys helped give my home the safe, loving vibe it has today. They need to stay with it.  I’m open to creative suggestions for their return to the house.


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