“Whatever you hear about me please believe it. I no longer have time to explain myself. You can also add some if you want.” ~ Unknown


instant connections (snapseed)


Shero had her first follow-up with the orthopedic surgeon today. Though she is far from healed, she is improving really well. Afterward, as we were waiting for her ride to arrive in the nearly perfect Friday morning weather, who should pull up in her own shuttle but recently retired colleague and friend Jo Staggs-Neal. As soon as I said I was waiting with my mom, Jo said, “Oh, your mom! I’ve seen her online [in the outhouse] a lot.” I introduced them and, well, they were instant friends. Jo held mom’s hand the entire time they talked, and that was a while because mom talked and talked and talked to Jo. I was touched by how sweet they were together. That Jo is a light in this world. I thought that the second I met her and I saw it on full display today. She made my day. I’m pretty sure she made mom’s, too.


friends (snapseed)

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