march 1, 2013

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Let your dreams be bigger than your fears, your actions louder than your words,
and your faith stronger than your feelings.
” ~ Unknown

sittin' 'round (instagram)
sittin’ ’round (instagram)

I came home to a gift for the outhouse. Once again, Dan Kibler has passed on to the collection this fabulous treasure. It reads, ‘Hy-Klas Photo Service, August 13, 1936‘. I laughed out loud, partly because of the picture, but also because of the name Hy-Klas. Earlier, I was surrounded by many people at work whom I adore, who make me smile and laugh everyday, like crossword puzzle creator and ace metadata librarian, Kathryn Lybarger, below. She has created a crossword puzzle based on cataloguing terms. Call me a nerd, but I was excited about it. An old picture of a dude sitting in his outhouse and a crossword puzzle about cataloguing; how much better can the weekend start than this, I ask you?  It’s Hy-Klas, and I’ll be smiling into Sunday.

MARC your crosswords
MARC your crosswords

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