march 21, 2020

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“If you’re glued to the news, or can’t watch, it’s OK. If you’re unable to eat or eating your body weight in ice cream & chips, it’s OK. If you’re having insane, self-centered thoughts about your gym closing, or your roots, or acrylic nails, it’s OK. You—YOU!—and your life matter.” ~ Anne Lamott

a girl’s best friend

I spent the day with BFF Deb Chenault and her gorgeous American Bulldog named Banjo. We photographed some of her beautiful jewelry for a new website. Banjo was our foreman. I wanted to bring him home with me. I’m sure he and Wally could work out the kinks and be big buddies. Unfortunately, Banjo and Deb are deeply bonded. Wally and I will just have to settle for a playdate. 

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