march 3, 2013

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No matter how many times you fail at something,
you are never a failure until the day you quit trying.” ~ Michael T. Vaisanen

the dude
the dude

When he’s not teaching young med students to become doctors, Greg Davis is on duty as the forensic pathologist for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He has seen the worst of what human beings can do. Yet, he’s quick with a laugh, a smile, or a hug any time I see him. It would be so easy to become jaded, cynical, or bitter, but to be able to rise above such horrors, day after day the way he does? What a glowing example of tender humanity. He’s one of the most spiritual, compassionate, and intellectually stimulating people I have ever known. And the guy can tell a f-bomb laced dirty joke better than anyone. That’s my kinda man! I am so proud to call him friend, and so proud of the good he does in this life. He makes me want to be a better person.

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