“Despite my everyday grumblings and bewilderment, I have never been more appreciative of how indescribably wonderful this life can be.” ~ Walter Tunis


listen (snapseed)
listen (snapseed)


There’s a great exhibit in Special Collections right now called The Immigrant Experience and Contribution in Appalachian Coalfields. It was put together in partnership with the Appalachian Center. We provided audio clips for the listening kiosk. Pretty cool stuff, and I really liked it sitting beside the old instruments. What a nice juxtaposition between the old and the new. You may recall that last week we welcomed Alessandro Portelli. His talk was also sponsored in part by the Appalachian Center. I think they’re cookin’ with gas over in the Appalachian Center. I’m darned proud of ’em, and even prouder to be Appalachian (as if you couldn’t tell).


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