november 5, 2015

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“Just because you’re struggling doesn’t mean you’re failing.” ~ Unknown




I have never in my life seen my dad be friends with someone the way he is friends with Gurney Norman. He talks to Gurney like a long lost brother, and he is noticeably happier afterward. I think the same applies to Gurney who has described dad as being a brother, someone who nurtures his soul. In today’s parlance their friendship would be called a “bromance.” At last Friday’s reception I’d catch a glimpse of them every once in a while huddled together in a corner talking up a storm. Dad needed a friend like Gurney; someone smart who understands him and where he’s from. They have so much in common it’s scary, and yet they’re completely opposite in so many ways. I’m glad they found one another. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. They are the two finest men I know.

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