october 15, 2018

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“Never give up on the things that make you smile.” ~ Unknown


the wave


Every fall uncle Harold and his boys Brian, Evyian, and Kevin hook the trailer to the tractor, throw on some hay, and take us for a ride up one holler or another. It’s fun for all of us regardless of age. I almost didn’t go this year. I just wasn’t feeling it. Until the tractor started to pull away, and then, like a five year old, I wanted to go. Lucky for me Evyian drives slow. Of course I had a fabulous time as you can see below. And yes, that’s me in a UK hat and Brian in a UofL hoodie. He takes the ribbing in good humor. He’s a keeper just like the hay rides.


oh lort


before I fell off the hay

5 Responses

  1. Tony

    It was a great day. Your previous comments about passing the torch is familiar. Out of 12 siblings in my dad’s family only 2 are left. The responsibility of building on what they are leaving us and keeping the family close is falling on our shoulders.

    • Kopana

      I watch some of my cousins actively work on sustaining those family ties. It’s vitally important for all the generations, even those yet to be born.

  2. Barbara

    I guess I was the oldest there and would not trade that spot for nothing in the world, to see the faces and the little comments that are made about the surrounding, old houses the sky, fields and animals that follow along with the wagon. It’s a lot of good memories.

  3. Lois T wikson

    It’s very important for all of us to stay in touch with each other. Life is short, and family is the connection from generation to generation. Our parents had a strong connection with their families and wanted their children and grandchildren and great, to love one other, and stay in touch with each other. Great times, making memories, enjoying laughter, hugs and so much more. ❤️???

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