september 21, 2019

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“Using the same old materials of earth, air, fire, and water, every twenty-four hours God creates something new out of them. If you think you’re seeing the same show all over again seven times a week, you’re crazy. Every morning you wake up to something that in all eternity never was before and never will be again. And the you that wakes up was never the same before and will never be the same again either.” ~ Frederick Buechner

guilty pleasure

This afternoon, despite a two-day headache and oppressive reading schedule from grad school, I had to see the newly released Downton Abbey movie (or ‘Downtown Abbey’ as the dude at the theater called it). The original plan was to fly to Phoenix and see it on opening night with Greg, the biggest Downton fan I know. Actually, our original plan was to fly together to London for the premier. Obviously, that didn’t happen, and further, the universe conspired to keep me in town. I channelled Greg as best I could when the film opened in Lexington. The movie was utterly delightful. Maggie Smith has some of the best zingers of her Lady Grantham career. Lady Edith and Thomas are finally happy, though it was a bit shocking that Julian Fellowes actually allowed them to be so. If I say much more I’ll give it all away. I’ll close by simply saying that if you’re an Anglophile looking for two hours of a light-hearted trip down memory lane go see Downton Abbey. You won’t be sorry. Kudos to the writers for a job really well done. They had a lot of chances to screw it up. They didn’t. 

I’m not alone

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  1. Greg your brother

    It really was good wasn’t it! I teared up at one part. You will know which one. Now we have to go to London and see where it was made!

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